Hunter Van Brocklin
~ Demo Reel 01/2024 ~

Here is a brief, Twitter-sized demo reel showcasing a wide variety of music I've written within the last two years. If you want to hear more of those tracks, visit the Portfolio page - and if you want to dig even further into my catalog than that, check the bottom of this page or the Releases page.

~ About HVB ~

Hello! I'm Hunter Van Brocklin (aliases "damifortune" or "HVB"), a composer from California and Tennessee who likes to blend music that excites the heart and the head. I am available for music and sound work in 2024, so please consider me for your next project big or small, game, film, tabletop RPG campaign, video/stream intro, character theme, etc. Get in touch!

I have a Bachelor's of Music in Music Composition from USC Thornton. I've been writing music in some form for nearly 20 years, starting with notation software, diving into FL Studio shortly thereafter, and in recent years, discovering and loving tracker software. I'm comfortable with a lot of different styles, methods, and tools.

I pride myself on a diverse set of musical interests and focuses, but here is a small, broad list of the sorts of styles I like to work with:

Chiptunes: Music made to target old hardware & its limitations - such as old game consoles like the NES, SNES and Gameboy.
Digital fusion: Colorful modern musical productions inspired by the styles of older, limited works like video game music, tracker modules and MIDIs.
Glitch: I like to infuse a glitchy aesthetic into my music. This can be anything from small effects and stutters that contribute to the atmosphere, all the way to full-on ambient soundscapes. Sound design matters to me.

I'm most interested in music that excites the heart and head. Heartwise this means I like writing melodies and harmonies that tug at the heartstrings and evoke emotion in the listener; headwise it means I like complex & specific textures, interesting rhythmic patterns, unexpected chord shifts and other compositional quirks. I have the most fun when combining these things, but if either one appeals to you, we will get along great!

Some of my deepest influences & musical interests are video game music, post-rock, glitchy ambient and IDM. I also love math rock and midwest emo, along with all manner of stuff on the indie pop/rock/folk spectrum and a healthy dose of jazz.

~ Latest Works ~
Distant Islands album cover
My latest full standalone album, an experimental exploration of the SNES as a quirky sampler. All songs recorded straight from my Super Famicom! (Jun 2 2023)
Packed to the Gills album cover
A jazzy soundtrack to my team's Ludum Dare 54 game Packed to the Gills, in which you play a little sardine trying to squeeze onto commuter trains! (Oct 2 2023)
The Avocado Archives album cover
A compilation of some of the coolest music I wrote in 2023 for compos, commissions and various events around the web. (Feb 2 2024)
Advent Calendar 2023 album cover
A compilation album of music written in December 2023 - each song was made within one day given a prompt and specific ruleset! (Dec 25 2023)