Hunter Van Brocklin
~ HVB Release Catalog ~

This page lists all of my official album releases - which can also be found on my Bandcamp page - as well as a list of places my music has appeared, such as collaborative efforts or compilations with various artists.

Clicking on the release will open a window with a player for that album. More information is also listed on those pages, again mirrored from Bandcamp. Each category is sorted newest-first.

~ Standalone Full Albums ~
Elemental Fusion
Elemental Fusion album cover
A diverse album of collaborations with instrumentalists. Bridges acoustic warmth and digital processing; a mix of chiptune and ambient glitch. (April 6 2024)
Distant Islands
Distant Islands album cover
A glitchy & experimental exploration of the SNES as a quirky sampler, as well as microtonality. All songs recorded straight from my Super Famicom! (Jun 2 2023)
Moon Jellies Fly First Class
Moon Jellies Fly First Class album cover
Adventures in micro-sampling and layering of sounds - a groovy digifu album written entirely using a folder of short miscellaneous WAV files. (May 16 2020)
Magical Realism
Magical Realism album cover
My first solo album, exploring heavy effect usage and surreal, psychedelic vibes across catchy, flavorful tunes. (Sep 1 2019)

~ Soundtracks ~
Butler! Summon the Imps!
Butler! Summon the Imps! album cover
The soundtrack to Moonlight Jammers' Ludum Dare 55 game Butler! Summon the Imps!, an imp-matching puzzle game. Scored with Gameboy plus additional accompaniment! (Apr 15 2024)
Packed to the Gills
Packed to the Gills album cover
A jazzy soundtrack to my team's Ludum Dare 54 game Packed to the Gills, in which you play a little sardine trying to squeeze onto commuter trains! (Oct 2 2023)
Rain on Their Parade!
Rain on Their Parade! album cover
Chilled-out, rainy piano beats for our Ludum Dare 53 game Rain on Their Parade!, where you play a delivery cloud bringing rain to those who need it! (May 2 2023)
The Adventurer's Logbook
The Adventurer's Logbook album cover
Created in tandem with my first solo album between 2018-2019, this is a full-scale RPG soundtrack to a game that doesn't exist. (Sep 1 2019)

~ Compilation Albums ~
The Avocado Archives
The Avocado Archives album cover
Fourth annual compilation of some of my favorite tunes written within the past year for events and commissions! (Feb 2 2024)
Advent Calendar 2023
Advent Calendar 2023 album cover
A compilation album of music written in December 2023 - each song was made within one day given a prompt and specific ruleset! (Dec 25 2023)
The Banana Bunch
The Banana Bunch album cover
"Best of 2022" sampler showcasing my most favorite standalone tracks written in the year of 2022. (Feb 3 2023)
Advent Calendar 2022
Advent Calendar 2022 album cover
Each of these songs was written in a single day within December 2022, based on a specific prompt and set of rules. (Dec 25 2022)
The Orange Omnibus
The Orange Omnibus album cover
A "best of 2021" collection showing off my favorite tracks written all year for various events. (May 21 2022)
The Strawberry Collection
The Strawberry Collection album cover
The first installment of this yearly series - a "best of 2020" collection of my favorite tunes written for events around the web. (Apr 2 2021)
28 Hours, Vol. 1
28 Hours, Vol. 1 album cover
A selection of tunes written in exactly one hour each between July and November 2020. More volumes to come? (Nov 6 2020)

~ EPs ~
Elemental Chaos
Elemental Chaos album cover
An ambient glitch EP focused on the raw, untamable power of the elements on our planet. (Apr 9 2022)
Elemental Harmony
Elemental Harmony album cover
A short, playful EP of chiptunes for the NES, SNES and Gameboy centered around the peaceful coexistence of little elemental spirits. (Feb 18 2022)

~ Appearances ~

These are albums I either collaborated on or contributed to with some number of tracks alongside others:

Stereolith Presents: Now in Stereovision - This was a collaborative album made with my friend Kevin Green between 2014-2015.

Battle of the Bits - BotB Advent Calendar 2020
Battle of the Bits - BotB Advent Calendar 2021
Battle of the Bits - BotB Advent Calendar 2022
Battle of the Bits - DEMOSONG.MID
Battle of the Bits - field recording
Battle of the Bits - GLITCH.98
Battle of the Bits - Infloresce & Friends Charity Festival
Battle of the Bits - Match Mayhem
Battle of the Bits - MIDI Death Battle
Battle of the Bits - RPG Adventure
Battle of the Bits - Shop Themes
Battle of the Bits - Spooky VRC6
Battle of the Bits - Spring Tracks X
Battle of the Bits - Spring Tracks XI
Battle of the Bits - Summer Chip X
Battle of the Bits - Summer Chip XI
Battle of the Bits - Summer Chip XII
Battle of the Bits - Super Islands
Battle of the Bits - The Climb of Mt. 32
Battle of the Bits - TINYMOD GRANDPRIX
Battle of the Bits - Winter Chip XVI
Battle of the Bits - Winter Chip XVII
Battle of the Bits - Winter Chip XVIII
Battle of the Bits - YEA VIDEOGAME
Christmasasaurus Unleashed!
Christmasasaurus X2
Christmasasaurus X3
I've Been Kicked Out of Nicer Places Than This!
maj7jam - Maj7 Cover Ring
maj7jam - Maj7 Cover Ring Vol. 2
maj7jam - Maj7 Cover Ring Vol. 3
maj7jam - Maj7 Cover Ring Vol. 4
maj7jam - Maj7 Request Line
maj7jam - Reverse Review Revue
Micro Tones Server Secret Santa
PURE MIDI Volume 2
Pxtunes - 3CRET PORTA
Pxtunes - Guxt: Remix Invasion
Pxtunes - PXTUNES 5th Anniversary ~Memories of Pxtone~
Pxtunes - PXTUNES vs. GAME BOY
Pxtunes - Secret Porta
Pxtunes - Super Secret Porta
Sample Pack Contest VIII
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Soundchip Pastiche Collection Vol. 1
STAFFcirc vol. 7 - Terra Octava
STAFFcirc vol. 8 - circle
STAFFcirc vol. ω
STAFFcirc vol. ε₀