Hunter Van Brocklin
~ HVB Contact Info ~

The best way to get in touch with me is via e-mail:

Please reach out if you're interested in commissioning some music or bringing me onto a project. I am available for work in 2024 (and will update this page accordingly if that changes!). I'm interested in scoring games, films, and animations especially. Feel free to reach out for other endeavors too - I'm happy to take commissions for things like character themes, RPG campaign music, stream/channel themes, or some other form of bespoke tune.

~ HVB Around the Web ~

You can also find me in various places around the internet! Here is a little list of such places and a bit of info about what goes on there.

Bandcamp - All my official album releases go here.
SoundCloud - I upload new music here more-or-less as it's finished. This is a more comprehensive and up-to-date catalog since it includes songs that might never make it onto a full release.
YouTube - I post playback videos of songs here. Take a peek if you want to see some sequencing/tracking projects behind-the-scenes!
Spotify - Spotify users can find some of my releases on here! [Note: I am switching distributors in Jan 2024, so the catalog may briefly disppear, but it will return!]
Twitter - It's Twitter! I announce new stuff here and share relevant events and releases.
BlueSky - It's New Twitter! Follow here for new release announcements as well.
Mastodon - It's Decentralized Twitter! You can also follow me here for updates on projects and releases.
Cohost - In addition to updates on new stuff, I blog here sometimes as well.