Hunter Van Brocklin
Advent Calendar 2022 (compilation, 2022)
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Each of these songs was written within one day this December for an Advent Calendar chiptune event on Battle of the Bits! There was a different prompt each day as well as a different format (such as what software to use or what old soundchip to write for). They are listed below.

This is my third year doing the event, and my second year participating in every day. It has become something I look forward to greatly. I didn't post last year's compilation here on Bandcamp, but it is on SoundCloud:

I hope you enjoy all these varied little tunes! Happy holidays!


released December 25, 2022

Purchase or download on Bandcamp:

☆ all music by Hunter Van Brocklin

☆ track 14 uses a bunch of meme sounds, I definitely don't own those

☆ thank you to kleeder for hosting this event every year and to the BotB community for coming together and learning and helping each other each day. 10 people completed every day this year!

☆ list of formats/systems in track order:

1. NTRQ (NES native/hardware tracker)
2. Jummbox (online sequencer)
3. MuseScore (notation software)
4. ZX Spectrum (very old computer w/ 1-bit sound)
5. 8-kilobyte DOS tracker module
6. Commodore 64 (old computer)
7. Yamaha XG (extended General MIDI spec)
8. Nintendo Gameboy (you know... the Gameboy)
9. Amiga AHX (Commodore-style tracker for old Amiga computer)
10. AdLib soundcard (PC soundcard of yore)
11. Fakebit (free reign as long as some oldschool sounds were used)
12. Klystrack (fakebit tracker for C64/NES/Amiga style tunes)
13. baby-k (Commodore VIC20 browser-based tracker)
14. (online sequencer with meme sounds)
15. Amiga .MOD (oldschool sample-based tracker for Amiga computer)
16. NES (specifically without sample channel or 2nd pulse channel)
17. Bytebeat (online programming-based sound generator)
18. Yamaha YM2151 (old arcade system soundchip)

all rights reserved