Hunter Van Brocklin
The Orange Omnibus (compilation, 2022)
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The Orange Omnibus is a collection of songs written in 2021 for various compilation albums and competitions around the web. This year's release includes several flavors of chiptune and further explorations in glitch music, as well as a few covers!

This compilation is also free instead of the usual pay-what-you-want.

* Track 1 was submitted to Battle of the Bits Winter Chip XVI (1st/318) [MSGS MIDI]
* Track 2 was submitted to Battle of the Bits Summer Chip XI (201st/300) [2A03+VRC7]
* Track 3 was written for the Maj7 Request Line event
* Track 4 was written for the first Maj7 Cover Ring and is a cover of "summer phase change" by aji
* Track 5 was submitted to Battle of the Bits Spring Tracks X (40th/304) [MPTM]
* Track 6 was submitted to the Metapop "Lycoriscoris Producer Challenge"
* Track 7 was submitted to Super Famicompo 3 and is a SNES chiptune cover of "Inútil Paisagem" by Tom Jobim & Elis Regina
* Track 8 was submitted to Sample Pack Contest XIV (9th/62)
* Track 9 was submitted to Nintendium-118 Vol. 3 [2A03+VRC6]
* Track 10 was written for the Pxtunes Secret Porta event and is a cover of "blowing pxraspberries" by ehm
* Track 11 was written for the second Maj7 Cover Ring and is a cover of "in boss we trust" by father p [2A03+MMC5+FDS]
* Track 12 was submitted to the pxtone compilation "PXTUNES 5th Anniversary ~Memories of Pxtone~"
* Track 13 was submitted to Sample Pack Contest XV (9th/62)

1: BotB Winter Chip XVI
2: BotB Summer Chip XI
3: Maj7 Request Line
4: Maj7 Cover Ring
5: BotB Spring Tracks X
6: Metapop Lycoriscoris Producer Challenge
7: Super Famicompo 3
8: Sample Pack Contest XIV
9: Nintendium-118 Vol. 3
10: Pxtunes Secret Porta
11: Maj7 Cover Ring Vol. 2
12: PXTUNES 5th Anniversary ~Memories of Pxtone~
13: Sample Pack Contest XV

released May 21, 2022

Download on Bandcamp:

☆ All music written by Hunter Van Brocklin except where indicated in titles: Track 1 co-written with blue.nocturne & zenkusa, Track 8 co-written with Xenofan 29A & Dr Fruitcake. Track 4 covers "summer phase change" by aji, Track 7 covers "Inútil Paisagem" by Tom Jobim, Track 10 covers "blowing pxraspberries" by ehm, Track 11 covers "in boss we trust" by father p.

☆ The tracks for this Bandcamp release were lightly mastered for consistency. On their respective releases, tracks 4 and 11 were originally mastered by jneen-collective, and track 9 was originally mastered by MelonadeM.

☆ Album artwork by sparklecats2009 -

all rights reserved